Evangelism: Shift Your Perspective


What does “Evangelism” mean to me?

Let’s consider some of the trends in evangelism today and the truths of scripture. The idea of “evangelism” can be scary to both believers and non-believers. Understanding how non-believers feel about spiritual conversations helps us share the Good News in ways that will draw others in, rather than scare them away.

In this course, we are presenting a series of articles and videos. These are long articles, but they will give you great insight into the people around us and encourage us to respond as Jesus would. Read and watch and then spend some time considering the questions following each.

The trends we will discuss are:

  • We care about things Jesus didn’t care about.
  • Spirituality is being shaped by media.
  • People want a safe place to process.

And we’ll discuss these truths:

  • Believers and non-believers have different perceptions of evangelism.
  • People want to have spiritual conversations.
  • God placed us right where we are for a reason. Our proximity to others gives us opportunity.

For more on this topic, listen to our Connections Podcast for leaders. Episode 89 – Evangelism: Shift Your Perspective. Listen online or search iTunes and Spotify for MOPS Leaders.