5 Simple Steps

There is no video with this lesson – just some great tips for leading your meetup well.

Your meetup provides opportunities for discussion, great questions and transparent moments around the table. Having a safe space to think, talk and ask questions – along with a friend who brings perspective and hope – is valuable and hard to find.

Great things can happen around our table when we are willing to share our stories. As the leader of a table group, you allow each mom to focus on learning more about herself, other people and Jesus.

Here are five things that will help you confidently lead your meetup.

# 1: Create a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. Wherever you meet, encourage moms to get comfortable.

Practical tip: Greet moms as they arrive and respect other’s schedule by beginning and ending on time.

#2: Encourage a safe atmosphere. Moms are more willing to talk about what’s on their mind if they feel safe and accepted.

Practical tip: Set a few ground rules by encouraging moms to commit to an atmosphere where everyone gets a chance to share. Commit to keeping conversations that happen around your table confidential and judgement-free.

#3: Have a simple plan. Our MomCo curriculum provides a story and some questions for your meetup. These aren’t questions that have a right or wrong answer, they are questions that encourage conversation.

Practical tip: Use the questions to start and guide the conversation. They’ll help keep you focused on the main topic of the day, but don’t feel pressured to discuss every question.

#4: Connect with others. If you invest in the lives of your moms and invite them to invest in you, you’ll impact people in ways they will never forget.

Practical tip: Check in on moms in your meetup between meetings. A text, email or phone call can make a big difference in someone’s day.

#5: Don’t do it all alone. Find a support person and then encourage others in your meetup to help with the details, lead the conversation and connect with each other.

Practical tip: You may be leading the meetup, but you need the support of others, too. Find someone outside the meetup that can be your mentor or prayer partner.