Support Moms: Resources for moms with children with special needs

Here are some resources and articles that may help you support those around you. Some contain helpful info for you as the support person, others are ready to share with women struggling now.

MomCo Podcasts(find these on the MomCo Podcast Network):

  • Connections: The Podcast – Episode 47: Welcoming the Mom of the Child with Special Needs
  • Moms Unscripted Podcast – Episode 8 – Special Needs and Mom Guilt

MomCo Videos and Collectives:

Loving the Life You Didn’t Choose: Melanie Dale is a minivan-driving mama raising three kids from three different continents. Through infertility, challenging adoptions and mixed medical diagnoses, she understands how it feels to give up on the picture perfect dream. While there is no guaranteed formula, Melanie shares five daily practices that help her love her very unexpected life.

Beyond Measure, is a 6-week study designed for the special needs mom. The title, “special needs parent,” evokes different reactions and represents varied experiences; however, moms raising special needs children do have one thing in common: the road they are on is undeniably more difficult than the one traveled by most of their friends. Beyond Measure seeks to build honest conversation and a supportive group of EXTRAordinary moms who are raising EXTRAordinary children!