Proclaim Peace


Welcome to our Proclaim Peace book study. This is a 6-session video book study recorded during a live online study during the Summer of 2020. It is designed to watch on your own or with your team. If you are watching it with a group, use the discussion questions in the Proclaim Peace book to enhance your learning.

Your host for the study is Kelli Jordan, Leadership Development Manager at MOPS. One copy of Proclaim Peace comes in each Group Experience Kit. You can download the entire book as a PDF for free.

Proclaim Peace: Sharing Good News for All People is a book created just for you – our bold, brave Leaders. It encourages each of us to boldly pursue, practice and proclaim peace. It includes an overview of the MOPS evangelism perspective as well as devos, word studies and MOPS stories that help leaders understand and share faith concepts like sin, grace, atonement and transformation (plus others).

MOPS wanted a book that would help leaders understand the outreach focus of MOPS. We love word studies and wanted to look at the big words of our faith to help us understand them better but also to help us help people without a relationship with Jesus understand them, too. MOPS provides a unique opportunity to share Jesus with women around us, so each chapter of the book includes a story about how each concept impacts us in real life.