Proclaim Peace – Session 3 (37:08)

Before watching the video: read the chapters on Repent, Atone and Forgive from Proclaim Peace. 

This session focuses on the the words Repent, Atone and Forgive. These words are pivotal to our faith because what we believe about these words determines what we believe about God.

Our guest this week is Hannah Hladek. Combining her gifts of teaching, writing, and speaking with her degrees in Communications and Masters of Divinity, Hannah loves to weave the Bible into everyday life to tell others about the hope of Jesus. Hannah worked for three years as the Marketing Content and Campaign Manager at MOPS International and currently serves as the Director of Marketing and Communications at Life.Church. Hannah wrote the “study” portions of Proclaim Peace.

Follow Hannah Hladek on Instagram. Download her study on the Sermon on the Mount from her Instagram or with this direct LINK.